Rana Jammoul, the visionary founder of Relationship Journeys LLC and a pioneering accredited Relational Communication Consultant in the Gulf region, is a distinguished woman entrepreneur. With over 25 years of diverse industry experience and a Master’s degree in Business Management, Rana is dedicated to empowering leaders with strategies to navigate relationship challenges and refine their leadership skills.

An influential keynote speaker, mentor, and former President of the Lebanese Coach Association, Rana specializes in leadership, conflict management, emotional intelligence, professional relationships, and communication. She conducts interactive masterclasses and webinars, offering personalized coaching, mentoring and relationship consultancy services. Fluent in Arabic, English, and French, Rana seamlessly shares her expertise to diverse audiences.

With a clear mission, Rana is committed to providing leaders mainly women aspiring to senior positions or venturing into entrepreneurship with effective strategies. She believes in the transformative power of personal development, nurturing leadership skills, and support from mentors, coaches, and communities, paving the way for influential leadership.


  •  Co-active Coaching
  •  Organizational and Relationship System Coaching-ORSC ™
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming- NLP
  • Méthode ESPERE®
  • Access Bars®
  •  Access Consciousness®
  • Access Facelit™

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